Cast in Stone
                         “Chance is a major factor in all evolution.”

   My extremely textural work is process driven, a streamlined investigation of the natural mechanics that form fossils or sedimentary rock. I am intrigued by the fact that their formation is not governed by design but almost totally by random factors such as the passage of time, decay, erosion and regeneration. Chance is a major factor in all evolution, but its mechanism is very slow. My technique mimics this process but speeds it up and gives it free rein. I sculpt in wax and then make a casting in pigmented grout. Inspired by the marks of burrowing insects and imprints of ancient plant and animal life, as well as found objects and modern refuse, the work makes a relevant anthropological statement for present day and future contemplation. I am intrigued by the ambiguity of initial concepts in relation to their fruition and the unpredictable consequences of my actions and decisions. Each piece is a valuable learning experience and a new step in the evolution of my personal creative process. 
Artifact No.6  31.5" x 31.5"
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