Cast in Stone
                     “Chance is a major factor in all evolution.”

   My work is process driven, a streamlined investigation of the natural mechanics that form fossils or sedimentary rock. I am intrigued by the fact that their formation is not governed by design but almost totally by random chance. I use pigmented grout to help naturalize my process.  Most of my major breakthroughs have been as a result of serendipity. Chance is a major factor in all evolution, but its mechanism is very slow. I purposely speed it up and give it free rein. The layers I apply first are hidden by subsequent applications, but exposed again in their original order when the piece is cast. I include found objects and recycled refuse as a statement for future contemplation. I am working almost blind and in reverse. The original wax sculpting is totally lost during casting, much as organic material is lost or changed in the formation of fossils or sedimentary stone. The resulting image is a reversed negative textural image. My intent is to explore the contradiction of the initial design, and learn from the somewhat random artifact left behind. I am intrigued by the ambiguity of initial concepts in relation to their fruition and the unpredictable consequences of my actions and decisions. If I pay close attention, the work shows me what it is meant to be.
Artifact No.6  31.5" x 31.5"
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