I am  inspired by nature, insects, animals and their structures. Fossils, natural stone, sedimentary rock and the mechanics by which they are formed over time, have a fundamental primordial appeal. My art is process driven. Much of my technique is designed to mimic natural occurrences. I open myself up to whatever art wants to be.  I strive to produce seemingly random compositions that achieve a pinnacle beyond my conscious capabilities. This act of allowance requires the ability to accept inevitable failures as part of the process, and not a measure of one's abilities or lack thereof. Lessons learned.  The next piece will always be better. For me, grout, with its various qualities and capabilities, is a perfect medium. This non-traditional medium is conducive to the process of experimentation.  I ask the question "what if?". I am not always happy with the result, nor is it always what I expected. This learning process evolves, fueled by the creative impulse, until, like a fossil or ancient stone, the work becomes a time capsule, a manifestation of inspiration, struggle, and brief moment in the sun.

Represented by : SmartArt Consulting, Deerfield Beach Fl, Indiewalls,, New York, NY,  and Dotfolio,, Denver, Co.
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